gaslighting techniques

gaslighting techniques

There are a myriad of different gaslighting techniques, therefore it can get quite tricky to identify gaslighting.

A lot of the techniques are also intervened into each other and become even more effective on the victim.

It is very important to understand the different gaslighting techniques to be able to counterattack them


here are some of the most used gaslighting techniques :



The abuser refuses to listen to the victim

I am not in the mood to listen to your nonsense again

The abuser feigns a lack of understanding

I have no idea what you are rambling about

The abuser does not share his emotions

You wouldn’t understand



The abuser blocks the victims efforts to communicate its feelings

We have been over this a thousand times, there is nothing more to talk about

The abuser blocks the victims attempts to solve an issue

stop bitching



The abuser denies something that occurred in the past, although it did happened

I never told you that I love you, i said I might love you one day

The abuser does not life up to his promises

I never promised you to walk the dog every morning, do it yourself



The abuser pretends to forget important things

I can’t remember you telling me you are allergic to nuts, you must have told someone else

The abuser tries to guilt the victim into not doing something

You never told me you want to visit friends out of town this weekend, I you would have told me I wouldn’t have had rented some movies for us



The abuser tries to changes the subject of a conversation

Instead of telling me to do the dishes, you should rather be concerned with your health issues

The abuser tries to undermine the victims goals

So you want to start your own business ? don’t you realize how bad you are with important decisions ? remember when you bought the defect dishwasher ?



The abuser tries to trivialize the victims feelings

You should be happy, others have it much harder than you

The abuser tries to trivialize the victims thoughts

you have no idea what you talking about, but what to expect from someone who thinks “the notebook” is a great movie



The abuser questions the victims memory

Remember the last time you thought that ? like always it turned out to be wrong



The abuser mocks the victim

money is missing from your wallet ? maybe the wallet gnomes needed it for their gnome party


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