signs your man is gaslighting you

signs your man is gaslighting you

17 signs your man is gaslighting you


1 he is telling you, you are crazy

2 you are often confused

3 you have trouble making decisions

4 you find yourself apologizing to others a lot

5 you have to make excuses for your partners behaviour to others

6 you feel you don’t deserve your man, because he is so much better than you

7 you feel joyless in your relationship

8 you have to lie to your partner to avoid conflicts

9 you are constantly second-guessing yourself

10 although everything else in your life is good, you are not happy

11 you are withholding information to friends and family to avoid explaining yourself

12 you feel there is something wrong with your relationship, but you can’t quite put the finger on it

13 others remark you have changed significantly since you are with your partner

14 you feel like a failure

15 you carefully think about bringing up a topic in a conversation with our partner

16 others try to protect you from your partner

17 you are already preparing excuses for things you are doing



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